I write a weekly newsletter consisting of 3 brain farts, 2 intellectual goodies, 1 funky audio, and a featured snack. All paired with a bit of sass.

Expect to read about startups, product, and engineering.

If you're also geeking out about these topics, you can find my previous editions here:

60- Crazy people, flamingos, and death

59- Painkillers, Basquiatech, and keyboards

58- Confessions, strangers, and wicked games

57- On building momentum, bets, and jets

56- What if you could move anywhere?

55- Rich people, mosquitos, and hippie house

54- Elections, markets, and winging it

53- Scaling, pressure cookers, and startup killers

52- I quit my job, what now?

51- Mathematical dating, standards, and a lil bit of luck

50- Social engineering and internet friends

49- Who takes out the trash?

48- Ladies, liquor, and leverage

47- Internal-first products, money keys, and friends

46- Nerd camp, teenagers, and made-up stories

45- Wheels, darkness, and board games

44- Circles, timezones, and returns on hassles

43- Slim shady, VCs, and Denver streets

42- Passports, paperclips, and products

41- Digital hoarding, Waren Buffett, and trash

40- Record labels, fractionalization, etc

39- Shiny objects, soul voices, and a glam jail

38- Meryl Streep founders and astronauts

37- I eat the world like I eat my sushi

36- Memes, queens, and wagmi speed

35- Money language, tokenomics, and brain seeds

34- Product Gardeners, Web3 gifts, and on-chain history

33- Software flirts, skeuomorphic products, and Ugandan beats

32- Net states, sexy logins, and more cats

31- Legos, airdrops, and cats

30- Scenius and the Modern Renaissance

29- Ant revolution, upskilling, and brain mechanics

28- DAOs: what, how, and why

27- Monsters, nomads, and trade-offs

26- Crypto clocks and female billionaires

25- Love, networks, and engineered writing

24- Quitting my job and rabbit holes

23- A newsletter about newsletters

22- Crypto kool-aid: game economics, school tokenization, NFT IDs

21- On not being naked and enjoying Burning Man in my living room

20- Bugs, systems, and living as online citizens

19- DAOs, procrastilearning, and Panamanian beats

18- Birthdays, impostor friends, and an AI-powered newsletter jukebox

17- The Emirate Life: fake rain, citizen perks, and why your car's plate number matters

16- Legacy code, binary search, and naming conventions

15- The Metaverse, hole-digging, and the experiment equation

14- Benjamin Button products, monogamy, and the growth trifecta

13- Desire, instrumental pleasures, P2P learning, and de-fi

12- Green ceilings, superpowers, and non-Russian Moscow

11- Clock paradox, information assets, and lovely hikes

10- Next-gen teachers, meeting IRL, and jazz on the beach

9- Creator-based education, the organization technique, and Deutsche musik

8- Learning barometers, startup cities, and algorithms

7- Sinking cities, smart contracts, and Japanese bands

6- Cyber cities, habit factories, and deep house

5- Future of work, hammers, and snooze buttons

4- Time traveling and picnics on the moon

3- Dragons, vampires, and too many details

2- Blockchain, vegans, and cohort-based courses

1- Learning pods, creator economy, and the weather