Due mainly to market volatility and lack of institutional trust, trading currencies between African currencies is extremely hard, expensive, and delaying.

In order to help solve this problem and integrate more Africans to the financial market, AZA is a digital foreign exchange and payment platform for frontier markets, providing wholesale cryptocurrency liquidity for individuals and institutions across Africa.

BitPesa, now rebaranded to AZA Finance, holds serveral products I helped mantain and develop as part of their Software Engineering Team.


Bitpesa's foreign exchange platform trading African currencies by use of Blockchain technologies and the crypto market. In addition to fast settlement and number of currency options, BitPesa also boasts state-of-the-art security and the deepest liquidity of any African exchange.


TransferZero is a comprehensive API for hybrid financial infrastructure across Africa and Europe, offering both foreign exchange and last mile distribution. By using an easily integrable platform, TransferZero is enabling traditional remittance, lending, and banking businesses to access frontier markets easily and scalably. With features like KYC documentation collection and access to transaction history, the API enables our partners to buy or sell currencies in multiple receiving destinations through mobile money, cash, and bank payouts. In addition to responsive customer service and marketing support, TransferZero boasts seamless integration and reliable operation.


BFX is the B2B over-the-counter platform for businesses with wholesale currency needs, especially those paying partners and suppliers.


Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Postgresql, Docker, AWS

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