My 12 favorite problems

My 12 favorite problems

What you'll find below is a list of the problems that are always on my mind, slowly burning, brewing answers with every rabbit hole and conversation I indulge.

  1. How can we have a capitalist world that is also environmentally sustainable?
  2. How can we fix education models at scale, without losing the personalization each student deserves?
  3. What would an ideal learning community look like?
  4. What's the most valuable project I can build for the world with my skill set?
  5. What is the most effective way of helping others, without losing myself along the way?
  6. What are the best habits I can keep to be my best self?
  7. How do I learn the most effectively?
  8. How should societies be designed if we were to start from scratch?
  9. What would an ideal relationship look like for me?
  10. What's the best kind of leverage I can build for myself?
  11. How to transition from traditional government structures to e-governments?
  12. How can we spot future trends the most effectively?

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