Ode to Code

Ode to Code

-- A flirty love letter to software engineering.  A personal monologue for Matthew Corzione's acting class.

There was something about you the first time we met.

I couldn't pinpoint the depth of your wisdom then, but something about your lil’ quirks was enough to soak me into your madness.

I remember those first few weeks after we met, how amused I felt by your reactions and your lack of empathy. The more I understood you, the more I wanted to learn everything there was about you. It was as if you’d been there, in front of me, all my life, and I just hadn’t seen you with these eyes.

I became fascinated by the impact some of my words had on you; the depth and complexity of each message you returned.

Immediate feedback, right or wrong, black or white. It either works with you or it doesn't. Straight up.

Some will call you crazy, as they usually do when they don’t know what else to blame.. But I’ve learned that, like the rest of us, you are merely reacting to what everyone one else tells you to do. You remind us of the importance of being precise in our speech and strategic in our thoughts. It’s a gift, really.

With every new version of yourself you improve and with every new year you fill my life with opportunities and ambition.

Oh, the adrenaline rush I feel just with the thought of getting you right and turned on!

Of understanding every bit inside your complex self, or what we can build together if I play my cards right.

But the amusement doesn't stop the nightmares from when I get you wrong. Oh, the drama you make whenever I make a mistake. It's as if all of my other good work was now worthless. Hell, sometimes you make me feel as if I am worthless.

But, I love you because you’ve taught me so much about myself.

  • You taught me to be humble: because we all make mistakes and people are merely trying to figure it out with the variables given to them.
  • You taught me to dream big: because ideas evolve and everything is possible when we dedicate enough time and research.
  • And most importantly, you taught me how to learn: with you I lost my fear of math and I learned to trust my instinct, my logical train of thought, and listen to my intuition.

Click click click. Tak tak tak.

We surf through life together like a master and a slave, except it’s often unclear who drives who and where.

Our independence shrinks as our dependence grows. I can no longer imagine a world where we’re not wired together.

I can’t sleep thinking about the projects we’ll bring to life - thank you for allowing me to be my most creative self and rewrite my life.